individuals with intent

Regardless of status within the system, anyone that has the motivation to succeed should be given the opportunity to do so.
Wearing our apparel shows you want meaning to your fashion.
Buying our gear means you support people that have the intent to succeed.
We do this through funding, collaborations and support programs.
We rep people who WORK for success.

100% sustainable and over 20% of profit from each sale

It’s about time we all gained consciousness of the environment we live in and the people we live with.
effcue always strives for 100% sustainability and is conscious of the environment we live in.
Over 20% of profits go to supporting equal opportunity, people who want more from life, and are prepared to WORK for it.
We’re previously worked with¬†Inside Success and are now looking for our next organisation to work with.


It’s not about the money you make or the whip you drive.
It’s about doing what you enjoy and being able to make your own decisions,
it’s about having options, balance and a chance to grow.


Our icon reps growth in any
direction you want to go.