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Inside Success x effcue

IS x effcue

effcue x Inside Success

We founded effcue to help others, this is one of the pillars that holds us up as a brand. It’s about giving people an equal opportunity to achieve, regardless of their status within the system we operate in. Our goal is to have at least 6 major projects in place per year, within 5 years, similar to the project we have with Inside Success.

We started working with IS even before we officially launched as it was important for the brand to start off right and looked for an organisation we felt we could help and shared our values.

Inside Success Magazine

Who is Inside Success

Inside Success is a community enterprise who identified the lack of relatable role models and mentors for young people 16-24. Role models who are vital to inspire and guide young people to achieve their fullest. Inside Success are supporting with mentors, jobs, training and employment that help facilitate opportunities to succeed. They bring communities together, bridging gaps and produce a digital and printed magazine, for young people, by young people.

Inside Success and the magazine tackle the issues faced by the youth of today, including unemployment, social issues, crime, mental health and more.

Young people between 16-24 have access to Inside Success opportunities, regardless of background. The programs they provide young people with give them the tools they need to learn and grow both professionally and personally, and even provide opportunities to earn an income selling the magazine (think BIG Issue, but relevant for today’s youth).

Why we chose to work with them

From that, it’s easy to see why effcue decided to get involved, Inside Success are providing young people, whatever their status within the system an equal opportunity to become successful, whatever success means to them. The guys behind the program have a huge amount of passion, making Inside Success the place to go for young people to become inspired, find a path that suits them and address many of the issues they face in the 21st century. The work these guys are doing is truly amazing.

What’s success, for Inside Success

The guys have some serious ambition for the next few years. Their hope is to be able to turn the enterprise into a place that not only helps young people earn an income, but are looking to invest in their business ideas and help develop their own business plans. Inside Success also hopes to be able to fund it’s own Youth Centres in the future, which will allow them to deliver more training and additional education for young people to give them the boost they need to succeed in life and they need your support to do this!

What we’re doing for them

effcue has over 20 years in the marketing industry and this is where we’re helping Inside Success. Inside Success are known for street selling, they do an amazing job. If you ever see them I highly recommend approaching them and asking them more about what and why they are doing it (you’ll see them all around London).

Given the new times we’re living in, they needed to look at their digital offering to grow the enterprise and help achieve their ambitions. effcue has been supporting their team in marketing, strategy, tactics and training. We’ve helped them build a team of social media aware young people into social media managers and are growing the digital awareness for the brand to drive sales of the magazine. We run a weekly training workshop, giving them the tools and knowledge they need to build the business for themselves.

What they think about effcue

Working with effcue has been an amazing and invaluable experience. Meeting them was perfect timing, as Inside Success had been looking to develop the digital side of the organisation. The weekly workshops effcue provide and the fact they are on hand and available to help or answers questions whenever we have them, has allowed us to do this, while at the same time educating and upskilling young people we work with that have desire to work in the digital markerting field in future.

Not only has effcue supported our digital marketing campaign but they have also provided other opportunities for our young people such as allowing some of them to model the brand.

We love working with effcue and are very excited to continue working with them and what the future may hold.

Darren Olawake, Director – Inside Success