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The Raw Interviews EP1

Raw Interviews

The Raw Interviews EP1

We speak with Individuals With Intent, their path, what motivates them, and how they view success. Listen to the Director & Co-Founder of Inside Success.

Questions we asked

Before we get into Inside Success, talk us through your careers?

What’s been your biggest career learning?

Tell us about Inside Success, what are you doing in the community?

How long has it been going for, and why did you decide to start the community enterprise?

What are you fundamentally trying to change in the world?

Why should young people get in contact with inside success?

How many young people have you helped to date?

And what walks of life and cultural backgrounds have they come from?

Culture plays a big part with the young people you are trying to reach, what part does fashion play into this culture and where do you see the other crossovers?

What success stories of people you’ve helped, can you share?

Where do you see success for the community enterprise in the future?

Whats success mean for you both personally and professionally?

How can others help inside success?

How has effcue helped IS so far?

Why did you believe effcue was right for IS?

What do you see the future of effcue and IS?

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