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The streetwear TOP brands, a homage

Top Streetwear Brands

Homage to streetwear brands

You could see these as our direct competitors. We’d be lying if we said we’d not been inspired by these top streetwear brands when creating effcue. But, we’re different. Yes, we’re delivering high-quality urban streetwear and apparel but we’re doing it with a community and environment at the forefront. We’re supporting individuals with intent and equal opportunity. Every five days we work for effcue, one of those days is spent helping others. Plus 20% of our profits go towards helping others better themselves. So here it is, in no particular order… what do you flex, apart from effcue?

Carharrt WIP

Carhartt has mad heritage and probably features the most in our wardrobe repertoire as a streetwear top brand. Over 100 years in the industry supplying apparel to the real people that shaped America (the workforce) to dressing some of the biggest Hip Hop figures of the ’90s. Hardwearing and durable gear, they have never faltered.

In 1997, Carhartt WIP released its own range building a strong relationship with upcoming figures in music and sport. Becoming an iconic and well-respected brand in underground scenes, from hip-hop to skate, from graffiti to cycling. Their ability to honour their heritage and update their designs for today’s consumer has allowed this brand to be successful. Props Hamilton (if you know you know).


Established in 1975, they became real popular in the hip hop scene in the 90s. That price tag put them out of the running when we were growing up. It was only those homies bringing home the real money who could afford it. You could not miss people walking down the streets with one of those jackets. Born from an admiration for flight and all things high speed. The original features were crafted for US air force pilots. Over the decades their jackets have become seriously hot property, for celebs to hip-hop heads and collectors.

Streetwear Top Brands for skating – HUF

RIP HUF!!! A streetwear top brands for the skaters. Founder Keith Hufnagel begins skateboarding and tagging around New York City in the ’80s. He picks up the nickname “HUF” after skating and tagging “HUF ONE” wherever he went. But was not until the early ’00s when he opened the first store in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, becoming the first store of its kind in the area. Hufnagel stocks rare skateboarding and streetwear clothes, sneakers and eventually begins selling HUF-branded shirts and hats, small starts, like us. It’s the HUF counterculture ethos we love, he’s done well in following his passion and made it work for him till the end, Long live HUF!


Akademiks (Based on their belief that education is important) exploded onto the scene in 1999 started by longtime designer Emmett Harrell and his brother Donwan. They have definitely come a long way from their humble beginnings. Emmett learned how to piece garments together from his mother, a seamstress who sold clothing out of the trunk of her car.

Four years later, he lands a gig at Mecca USA (another dope label) and began his journey the urban-fashion world. In the 99 explosion, they created a full collection of urban contemporary streetwear, they hit the right market at the right time, with the right product, looking back Emmett says “Sometimes I sit back and smile. I feel good when my daughter or my nephews go on the computer and Google myself or my brother and see our history and what we’ve done.” That’s success and legacy right there.


In the late ’90s Ecko featured in our wardrobes. The founder Milecofsky legally changed his name to Ecko, in 1996. The company went from rags to riches, almost to bankruptcy and bounced back again, that is the reliance you need to find your success. The brand’s logo was inspired by Marks father’s collection of wooden rhinoceros figures. The animal is a symbol of strength and fighting spirit. Early clients Spike Lee and Chuck D helped bring attention to his fledgeling business. This is how you find your audience, through others and give it profile. Ecko represents a generation without boundaries, the brand fuses music, design, streetwear, illustration, video games, action sports and more.

Patta – Dutch Top Streetwear Brands

A relatively new kid, started in 2004, situated in Amsterdam. Patta had to be part of our homage to feature in our top streetwear brands. They started as a hobby to fit themselves and their friends and family with a steady supply of footwear and streetwear. The hobby is now a streetwear top brand in the Netherlands and recognised globally – dope!

The story of how it all started is also pretty amazing. The team travelled across the planet with wads of cash in their pockets, visiting obscure sneaker stores and buying vast amounts of footwear that was unavailable to the Dutch public. Without any shipping accounts, they either posted large boxes of shoes back to their hometown, or threw them in big duffel bags and tried to bring them back on the plane. The determination to make success happen, the just-do-it-yourself mentality and to go against the grain is the foundation of Patta’s identity. BIG ups Patta!

Streetwear top brand for keeping it independent -Dephect

These guys managed to get in with all our DJ and Producer friends back in the day, founded in 1999, they began as a creative outlet for a small group of friends from north-west London. Like most apparel brands they are influenced by various subcultures developing a love of underground art and music, and a passion for drawing, painting and graphic design. These guys work with loads of dope artists from around the world and have grown organically. To this day have managed to stay relevant and truly independent.


Stussy’s legacy is insane. The fact that the original hand-drawn logo alone has stood the test of time and still looks as current as it ever did puts it in a league reserved for very few of the worlds most influential and instantly recognisable brands. Stussy was there at the beginning, setting out a “how-to” for all brands that follow them. They were one of the first to put a logo on a cap which at the time attributed over 20% of sales. With all the visual inspirations of the past, and a forward-thinking creative outlook utilising the worlds most exciting young creatives. This is one of the streetwear top brands that will remain an institution and will always be held in the highest esteem.

Stussy - Logo

Streetwear Top brand for bootlegging – Sports Banger

Jonny Banger, aka Sports Banger, aka the bootlegging streetwear top brand, and he’s still up to it, when COVID hit, he single handly went to help the NHS with sales of his NHS x Nike bootleg with all profits going back to support those in need through COVID. The guy is legendary, his philosophy of never liking the “are you cool enough to wear this”, and “have you got enough money to wear this”. Everyone’s invited. There’s a history, sound, vibe behind the whole thing. He’s captured the imagination of sub-culture with his anti-establishment views if you’ve not seen the F**K Boris Teeshirt and the stir that bought about, go check this.