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What success means to us

What success means to us

Lets start with what success does not have to be, it does not have to be, become rich and famous. It’s not about your whip, your yard or the money. Success can mean:

  • The ability to make choices
  • Ability to be at peace with yourself
  • Ability to create, enjoying your work
  • The ability to balance work and life
  • The ability to have the time to grow personally and professionally
  • The chance to give your family more opportunities than you or your parents had

Success is something that should be defined by you, it will be different for everyone.

Know what it looks like

Possibly the biggest challenge to success is knowing what you want first, knowing what you want, allows you to make a plan to get there. 

Even knowing what you want is tough, some people never really know what they want, finding it hard to work out what their passion is and how to follow it. There’s a question that comes up time after time in interviews, where do you see yourself in X years. It’s a real cliche but it’s a great question to help you visualise where you want to get to. 

You’ve got to understand that while you draw a straight line from where you are now, to what success looks like for you, the chances are it will never be that simple. To be successful you have to expect the twists and turns it brings and the failures, or better put the learnings. To find your success you need to have resilience, keep trying, keep learning until you get there.

The other side to success

There’s another side of success too, that maybe does not need some big future-focused goal, although this is how we’re approaching it. Sometimes success is:

  • in the moment
  • learning something new
  • having a place to call home
  • believing you can
  • understanding the meaning between need and want
  • learning that loosing a couple of battles to win a war is a good thing,

it’s as important to recognise these successes as it is to look for bigger future goals.

So ask yourself that question, – where do you want to be? But take it out of the context of work, unless work is what you love, define your success and define your conscious intention to get there. For us it was simple, (but it’s taken 20 years to define it) we want to work for ourselves. Make our own decisions, create and follow our passion for design and culture, help others along the way and provide for our families.

What about our success

Well it’s simple for us, we hope to be a well-established clothing brand in 5 years, working on 6 significant community projects just like the project with Inside Success