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Why we started this streetwear brand

Why we started this streetwear brand

It’s been a combination of our love for streetwear, music, the culture that comes with it and the feeling that we all need to give something back.

Influence 1 – Hip Hop

We’ve always had a deep interest in American culture, listening to naughty by nature in the early 90s, and repping the HipHop culture in the UK through the late 90s and early 00s helping to promote BattleScars, managed by the infamous Lawyer Da Black, who brought the best lyricists and MCs from around the UK to go head to head (NSFW watch out for the dis at 2.20 its nasty).

Spending time at DMCs World DJ Championships events, with our Boy DJ Tigerstyle 3x World Champ  and the crew (you know who you are), watching and listening to the dopest DJs on the planet. Goes without saying streetwear and fashion plays a big part in the whole culture.

Influence 2 – Ball is life!

Basketball is a big part of our lives, we run a youth initiative demonstrating the positive impact of the game, mental health, discipline, teamwork and fitness. With all that, fashion and streetwear went hand in hand, back in the day it was all about having the dopest Jordans, the baggiest shorts, Avirex jackets, Akademiks tee’s and Rocawear jeans, and a game to back up the look. 

Influence 3 – Giving Back

A BIG influence in life has been family and what they’ve given to others, the selfless nature of thinking of others before themselves. Watching our family give up their time to inner city kids, helping them discover more about the world outside of city life. Also giving disabled people a sense of freedom skiing on the snow. Giving back is a fundamental part of the effcue philosophy.

Influence 4 – Mindset

We’ve always been entrapenural, when there was a massive recession in the early 00s rather than getting a job we set up a digital design business, and even after we moved onto full time employment for many years we kept our side hustles going. We’ve always had an attitude that success (whatever that means to you) is reliant on you, it’s up to you to make the moves in your life to live the life you want.

Our world

We see the world today of one where you should rely on yourself to become successful, working with people that can help you on that journey. 

We love fashion, but know that the whole industry and the approach to what people think about fashion and streetwear needs a shakeup, it should not just be superficially how you look, but how you feel about what the brand brings. It should also be about how we create brands that are in tune with the environment.

More than ever we should be looking to help others not just ourselves, the politicians won’t help us, we have to do it for ourselves, it’s why we see more and more movements, more protests, most of these people, the good ones, are out there helping others, helping themselves and standing for something they believe in.

Individuals With Intent – effcue streetwear and apparel

All of this is why we started effcue, we were looking for something that could bring all these thoughts, ideals and passions together and create something that stands for:

  • Defining your own success (its not just about money) and working towards it
  • Feeling good knowing you‘re helping others by wearing something you look dope in
  • Be conscious of the world you live in and the people who live in it.

This is effcue and this is why we started it, we’re looking forward to the journey and helping others along the way, get involved, buy our product and be part of it too.